TheIME allows COMPETITION at all levels of Insurance!, by fighting increasing costs of coverage and remediation of claims through e-commerce!
We all know the phrase "The Insurance companies have lots of money."

TheIME provides efficient ways for "Consumer Members" to research and purchase insurance products, settle claims or remediate damages.   TheIME helps reduce costs and enables competition and choices, without pressure!

TheIME speeds the settling and remediation of claims through competitive proposals from contractors to your Insurer.   TheIME gives Insurers tools to get you back into your home, on the road, or back in business, earlier and at lower costs.   We can't calculate the real costs of a claim to personal and business life, but TheIME is creating savings, at every level!

Suppliers of products and services submit proposals for work and products in a competitive environment.   Insurers reduce expense ratios, meaning controls on premiums for consumers.   TheIME allows Insurers and Supplier Members to increase market share in a stable, competitive environment!